CoinUp® Overview

CoinUp® Online System connects Big Buck World®, Big Buck Safari®, and Big Buck Hunter® Pro Open Season™ to an online network designed to create a more fun, competitive, and overall satisfying experience for the player and operator. At the game machine, CoinUp® allows the player to play online and compete in online tournaments. The player can also view statistics and site leaders from across the network.

The operator can use as his/her portal to the online network. The user-friendly site provides the operator with a custom homepage that allows the operator to access online tools, view earnings reports and collections, keep up with the latest news, and create custom tournaments.

New Features – Big Buck World Only

EZ Leagues

Create your own league night with a few simple steps. EZ Leagues create a league atmosphere with out all of the hassle of a traditional league. Use the EZ League creation mode to set the day of the week, the prize(s), the cost, the league name, and the location. The system will handle the rest.
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Big Buck Promotional Cards

Give cards to your players as a loyalty program, use them to promote at locations that need a push, or give as prizes for tournaments and/or leagues. It's up to you, but now CoinUp is giving you a way to give away play on your machines with the simple swipe of a card.
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Monthly Tournaments

Players from all games connected to the network will be able to compete in monthly tournaments. The tournaments are automatically sent down to all online games. The Monthly Tournaments will record all player data and will create a tournament leaderboard and send it down to all online Big Buck World® Games.

Create Custom Operator-run Tournaments

Meet the needs of your players by creating a tournament with prizes designed to their liking. A custom tournament is quick and easy to set up. You can design your own welcome page, button, and banner or use the default ones for a less intensive set up. Invite other operators to be part of your tournament to increase the scope and accessibility.

Other Online Play

Trophy Club

This online mode enables players to keep track of their Big Buck World® progress and statistics without having to compete in a tournament. The player will log into their account at the game and play as normal. Trophy Club enhances the offline game play by allowing the player to view his/her statistics. Players are able to see their overall online statistics at the game. Also the Hunter Hero (player with the high score for a particular site) will be displayed on all online games. The Hunter Hero's are no longer stored only on the games locally. Now this information is shared with all of the online games so that players can compete with the best of the best. Players can also visit the website at anytime to view these statistics.

Player Features and

  • Keeps players up to date with news and events along with giving players a home page in which they can check their Trophy Club and Tournament statistics as well as upload pictures and communicate with their Hunting Party.
  • Hunting Party – Enables players to invite friends to an interactive social experience that encourages player competition. A player can set up a Hunting Party or join an existing one. Within the Hunting Party, players can view their stats as well as the stats of their friends. All Trophy Club play is recorded into a player's Hunting Party. They can then see which player has the high score for each site and can send messages to each other. Hunting Party gives the player another option of online play and creates a fun and competitive environment.
  • Tournament/Location Finder – Allows players to find nearby locations that are running tournaments and includes addresses and driving directions to that location.

Player Cards

Players can purchase cards during game play that will allow them to sign in at the game by swiping their card. This will speed up game play and instill ownership on to players.

Operator Features


The advertising feature allows the operator the capability of adding graphics or advertisements to any of his/her online games. Once the graphics are created, it only takes a few minutes to upload it to and then onto any of your online games. Use the advertising feature to advertise for your company or for any upcoming events or tournaments.

Online Operator Tools

Remote Management

Change the settings of any of your Online Machines through your CoinUp® account. You can also add new locations from your computer to ease the registration process at the machine.

Online Diagnostics

Diagnose your games machines from your office or at home via CoinUp®. The website will indicate if any game machines have diagnostic errors. If there are issues, the website will give a more detailed description as to where the problem exists. This is a great preventative maintenance tool to be able to get to the game machine before the problem gets worse.

Real Time Audits and Reports

CoinUp® allows you to get real-time detailed financial data. You can also access earnings reports, collections, and billing right from your PC.

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